Thursday, January 17, 2013


It's been awhile since I even thought about writing a blog, but here I am to put out there what I'm thinking. The thing I've been thinking about most is the fact that after 10 years of playing I currently don't have a mandolin to play. For that matter other than a kids guitar and a wonky fiddle I don't have any instrument to play. This to me is a hard thing as I have had something to play since Jr high. It is lonely not having an instrument friend around. I sold my instrument and equipment so we could buy a house and did it by choice, yet it's still tough. It is one of those times I wish that I was good enough for an endorsement or have someone give me an instrument. Winning the lottery would be nice or even a generous donation would be a miracle. If nothing else though it's giving me time to reflect. I know that I have to keep making music somehow. I'm thinking of ways to do it bigger and better. I'm thinking of how I can make music for myself and hope others will like it, if not at least I can be proud. We still haven't closed on the house so it's possible I sold my custom Holst for naught. Hoping though that it was worth it. I'm hoping too that soon I will be back here reporting a music rebeginning. It would even be better to report that I'm endorsing a brand or that someone made a generous donation. Either way I will be back!

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